Home       Art Deco/Art Nouveau       Traditional/Minimalist       About       Contact About Trish received her degrees in sculpture from Penn State University (BFA) and the University of Delaware (MFA). For the past twenty years she has directed her artistic energy towards designing and fabricating unique pieces of furniture and cabinets. The curved lines, organic forms and lightness of Art Nouveau and Art Deco were evident in her sculptures and have always attracted her aesthetic eye. Most of her furniture continues on in this vein but some pieces diverge towards Minimalist and Traditional works.

"You Name It" Studio can handcraft your design; provide my own distinct design; or work with you to create furniture and/or cabinets that reflect your tastes and passions. Design and fabrication possibilities are broadened by the Studio's close relationship with the versatile artisans in the neighboring shops of Custom Sheet Metal and Whitevan.org.
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